A pitch for an opponent

If the Cubs ever tire of Carlos Zambrano's act, fellow Venezuelan and White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen would jump at the chance of adding the animated Cubs pitcher to his team.

"To me he's one of the best pitchers in game," Guillen said Thursday. "I love the way he handles his stuff on the field."

"Maybe people say he's crazy and out of his mind, I love that. I like that attitude.I don't like people who fall asleep on the stinking mound. I like competition. I like that he broke the Gatorade machine. To me, when he kicked the umpire out of the game, that was the funniest thing I've seen all year."

I asked Guillen if there's a difference between Zambrano on and off the field: "When Zambrano takes his uniform of, he's a different person, a different type of human being. When he has it on, I love it. Baseball needs people like that, more enthusiasm, more competitive, more into the game. I love it.

"How many teams are there in the big leagues? Thirty? Thirty teams would love to have him."

Guillen always is ready to mix it up when he comes to Wrigley Field, as evidenced by his following quote:

"Who's more crazy, Lou [Piniella] or Carlos? Carlos has [flipped out] two or three times. Lou has been doing it for 30 years."

Zambrano has said he grew up a White Sox fan and can see himself pitching for the South Siders, but he still has three seasons remaining after 2009 on his $91 million deal. The contract has a complete no-trade clause.