Sox's De Aza suffers minor wrist injury

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Usually one has to wait until the fall months to see two men slam into each other at high speeds and those players are generally fitted with a considerable amount of protective padding. But on Friday two White Sox fielders were caught in a brutal collision that left both players lying in the outfield grass.

Alejandro De Aza and Alexei Ramirez caught each other at full speed while trying to track down a fly ball off the bat of Craig Gentry in the seventh inning of the White Sox's 9-5 win over the Texas Rangers. The ball fell to the ground, Gentry reached base on a fielder’s choice and both De Aza and Ramirez clutched their left wrists as they lied on the ground.

“I got hit with his body,” De Aza said. “His body twisted my wrist back.”

Ramirez stayed in and put the game out of reach with a ninth inning home run, but De Aza left the field after his injury and was replaced by Jordan Danks.

“It’s still sore,” De Aza said with his wrist covered in black tape. “I don’t think it broke. I’m moving my hand and it doesn’t bother me. I don’t think it’s bad.”

Robin Ventura said that De Aza likely has a slight sprain in his left wrist. De Aza said he might miss one game at most, but feels like he could play on Saturday with no problems.