Ventura not worried about Angels' protest

CHICAGO -- Chicago White Sox manager Robin Ventura said he’d be surprised if the Los Angeles Angels’ appeal of Friday’s game would be ruled in their favor.

The Angels played Friday’s 8-6 loss under protest on the grounds that Paul Konerko ran inside the baseline in the final 45 feet to first base. With the bases loaded and no outs in the first, Konerko grounded to third base. After Los Angeles got the force out at home, catcher Chris Iannetta threw wide left of the bag to first baseman Albert Pujols, who was pulled off the bag as Konerko was ruled safe. The Sox went on to score four runs in the first.

“You have a better chance of getting that call if you hit him,” Ventura said. “It doesn't always happen, I've seen a ball hit somebody and they don't call it. It's tough to run down the line in that box and touch first without breaking your ankle, too. It's one of those… it's a different kind of play.

According to the MLB official rules, “Even if it is held that the protested decision violated the rules, no replay of the game will be ordered unless in the opinion of the League President the violation adversely affected the protesting team’s chances of winning the game.”

Ventura said he wasn’t concerned about the ruling.

“It's more of a judgment call anyway,” Ventura said on Saturday. “I get what he was trying to say, but I don't see it as affecting what happened. The guy just yanked it. Having playing third base, you get a lot of those anyway, fielding bunts and throwing it up the line. We'll see what happens.”