'AJP' stands for A.J. Power

Having already hit his 19th shot of the season on Friday, A.J. Pierzynski adding his 20th against the Angels on Saturday probably shouldn't be that much of a surprise -- he “just” raised his career high for homers another notch. But that’s his fourth consecutive game with a home run, so if you thought the regression fairy was supposed to come down on him like a ton of bricks in the second half after a near-miss for an All-Star Game invitation, guess again.

It's just the latest in a litany of happy stats where he's concerned. Pierzynski is also setting a career high in Isolated Power (ISO) this season, more than 80 points better than his previous best mark back in 2005, his first year with the White Sox. He’s also setting a career high in his ratio of home runs to fly balls, well over 15 percent this season, against a previous high of 9.4 percent (in 2005) and a career rate of 6.2 percent. All of those numbers are “supposed” to regress, to go down. Except that they haven’t, and at this point they’re numbers that have spun off in their own orbit, set loose from the purported magnet of his career norms.

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