Filling in for Konerko no easy task

With Paul Konerko on the disabled list, the Chicago White Sox must find a way of winning without their leader and Jordan Danks’ walk-off home run on Friday night was a nice confidence boost for team.

Konerko will miss at least seven games with a concussion syndrome.

“I think Gordon [Beckham] might cry,” A.J. Pierzynski joked after Friday’s 4-3 win over the Oakland Athletics, referring to his teammate’s obsession of talking hitting with the Sox captain. “Paul is a great friend of mine and a teammate for eight years now. You never want to see anybody get hurt, so hopefully he comes back in a week.”

“It is not going to be easy not having him in the lineup,” manager Robin Ventura said. “This is the best thing for him, to get him back at full strength and we are going to have to find ways for Jordan Danks to come through and things like that.”

It is unknown how long Konerko will be on the disabled list after suffering his second head trauma of the season. The first baseman was hit in the head by Cubs pitcher Jeff Samardzija on May 18 and missed two games after the mishap.

“Even when Paul is not swinging the bat well he has a real presence in the lineup,” Adam Dunn said. “Not one person is going to replace what Paul does on this ballclub but we each can try to step it up until he returns.”

Major league baseball implemented a seven-day mandatory concussion disabled list in 2011 .The list is not retroactive to when the injury takes place, but rather begins on the date MLB and team doctors agree a player should be sidelined.