Ventura impressed with Rios' numbers

CHICAGO -- Chicago White Sox manager Robin Ventura wouldn’t declare one individual his MVP to this point of the season, but he did suggest Saturday that Alex Rios has meant to the most to the team in the most areas.

Entering Saturday’s game with the Oakland Athletics, Rios was hitting .315 with 131 hits, 27 doubles, six triples, 18 home runs, 67 RBIs, 224 total bases, 16 stolen bases and a .346 OBP. He also had a .984 fielding percentage in right field.

“You could put a few up there (for MVP),” Ventura said prior to Saturday’s game. “I just think Rios may be our best all-around player. (He) does everything that you can ask a baseball player to do as far as defense, hitting, stealing bases. He just comes in and works. We don’t have any issues with him. He just wants to play.”

Ventura also thought the reason for the White Sox’s current first-place status was he possessed a lot of players having outstanding seasons this year.

“It’s kind of like everyone is talking about the comeback player of the year, whatever that is,” Ventura said. “There’s a lot guys who can have that. You have to have a lot of guys to have pretty good years to be in the position we’re at. Not just players, but the pitchers are going out there and doing what they’re doing. Surprise guys, guys like (Jose Quintana) who come out of nowhere and pitch as well he has. It takes a whole lot of guys to be a successful team.”