Setting the record straight

Chicago White Sox general manager Kenny Williams set the record straight today on the Roy Oswalt rumors.

"As a rule, I try not to get into the confirming or denying something," Williams said, "because when you start down that road, you set patterns and kind of tip your hand, and then you don't get anything done.

"So I'll make the exception so that everybody understands where we're at, so everyone can relax a little bit. I haven't talked to the Houston Astros about any pitching whatsoever. And this is now two weeks since I've had any conversation with Houston general manager Ed Wade."

Although Williams said he hasn't talked to Wade about Oswalt, Williams' comments wouldn't preclude the possibility that the Sox are interested in acquiring a pitcher of Oswalt's stature.

Williams was asked about Houston Chronicle story which reported that Oswalt has expressed a desire not to be traded to the Sox.

"How do you want me to respond to that?" Williams asked. "Do you want me to respond to something that we haven't made an overture toward? [Oswalt] probably hasn't been asked the question.

"And now someone has written about it, and multiple people are talking about it as though it was something that was imminent. The reality is it's just not."