White Sox fell into tie, not panic

In a letter published in the Chicago Tribune on Sunday, Mark S. wrote: "As a Sox fan, I really get tired of them failing to win the important games. Losing to the Tigers again just shows what a joke this team is."

When asked how words such as those resonate with him, Chicago White Sox GM Kenny Williams said, "I really don't give a damn. It was just last week where we swept the Yankees. Now you're telling me those games weren't big? People -- including [probably] that same person that wrote that comment -- said those games were big before we played 'em."

Point taken.

Still, the White Sox entered what many were calling their "first" most important series of the season three games up on the Detroit Tigers with each game of the three-game series carrying meaning. Everything we wanted to know about the White Sox would be discovered and exposed over the weekend against the team that was threatening them like Yohan Blake was threatening Usain Bolt … before the Olympics.

This was when baseball was going to see who they were, find out what they were about and discover what they were made of and why fans were either going to ride … or write lack-of-faith-based letters to newspapers about them for the rest of the 162.

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