Peavy delivers just what Sox need most

CHICAGO -- The Chicago White Sox finally received the type of starting pitching they have needed on Wednesday courtesy of veteran Jake Peavy.

The Sox had lost seven of their past nine games as the rotation failed to get the job done over the past three series. Peavy gave the Sox their second quality start in the past 13 games in a 6-2 victory over the Minnesota Twins.

Peavy, who has pitched better than his 10-10 record indicates, picked up his first win since Aug. 1. He was 0-3 with two no-decisions in his five previous starts.

“Everybody is tired in September,” Peavy said. “That is baseball because everybody has nagging injuries and stuff going on. If you played the full season you don’t feel like it is April.”

The other young starters look to Peavy for advice and confidence, and that is particularly true as each start becomes more crucial to the final outcome of the season.

”I think they see Jake as a role model,” said Alex Rios, who drove in all six White Sox runs with a pair of home runs on Wednesday. “I was talking to (pitcher Jose) Quintana the other day, and he asked me a couple questions about what hitters look for in some situations. I told him to talk to Jake because he has been getting good hitters out for 10 years.”

Peavy has won only three games since May 26 and all have come against the Twins.

“That is just the way it has worked out,” Peavy said. “We have scored some runs against them, but any big league team can beat you, and the Twins have a good offense. They have scored more runs than we have.”

If the White Sox are going to have an impact on the pennant race over the next month of the season, it is apparent that Peavy will have to lead the way.

“ It was big for us to win this series,” Peavy said. “We have to win (multiple) series from here on out. If it happens to be my name or anybody’s scrolled across the bottom line we will take it.”