Peavy scraps start for side session

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Chicago White Sox pitcher Jake Peavy scrapped his Cactus League start Friday because of a threat of afternoon rain.

With bad weather in the Phoenix area, Peavy and the team opted instead for a side session against Sox hitters.

"Obviously, the forecast did not look good," Peavy said after throwing a 60-pitch simulated game. "We didn't want to have to finish in the batting cages because that is not anywhere close to what I accomplished against our hitters."

Peavy faced teammates Adam Dunn, Tyler Flowers as well as top prospect Carlos Sanchez in his four-inning exercise.

"Today was actually a little bit better than getting in a game," he said. "I was able to be in a controlled situation and was able to use a few more pitches than I would have. I was going about the same game speed as I usually do. I was throwing pretty hard."

Peavy had a 10-11 record in 2012 but was third in the American League in quality starts. During the offseason, Peavy signed a two-year, $29 million contract to return to the Sox. Peavy, John Danks, Jose Quintana and newly signed Chris Sale are under contract for at least the next two seasons .

"I am so excited for Chris Sale," Peavy said of the young left-hander, whose five-year, $32.5 million deal was announced on Thursday. "Chris got what he wanted out of it, that was some stability and financial security for his family. I think it was a great deal for the Sox as well to be able to control him for those free-agent years at the price they got. Chris is going to be just fine. He is a mature kid. To concentrate now on just pitching is a huge weight off of his shoulders. He can relax and knowing the work ethic he has he will be just fine."