Hungry? How about a 'Walking Taco?'

CHICAGO -- The Chicago White Sox have yet to release an Opening Day lineup, unless a compilation of new food items was the list you were looking for.

A number of concession stand choices will debut at U.S. Cellular Field next month, with none more attention-getting than the "Walking Taco."

What is it? How does it walk? Well it doesn't move, at least on its own, and it isn't Mexican food, in the traditional sense. A Walking Taco is a bag of Fritos filled with nacho cheese sauce and chili. Oh, and it says it comes with a fork, which should help with napkin conservation.

There are more traditionally named items like the new Comiskey Burger. This new gem comes as a double or a triple burger with a relish made of Chicago hotdog toppings. That means peppers, green relish, diced tomatoes and onions together and topped by celery salt, all inside the burger bun.

The new Bull's BBQ, named for Greg Luzinski and not the basketball team that has the same owner as the White Sox, is touting its "sweet bbq pork." There will be two Bull's BBQ locations in the ballpark.

There will also be two locations carrying a new meatball sandwich, as well as juice and 2 percent milk. A new craft beer location will come to section 112, but the beers listed as available are from out-of-the-area major breweries operating the brands under sub labels. As for local offerings, the Ebel's Weiss from Two Brothers of Warrenville will be available at the four Midwest Brews locations.

On the club level and in the Diamond Suite area there will be a new Winning Ugly Grand Slam, which is basically a pile of Italian beef, Italian sausage, pork chop and bacon on muffalatta bread. The Pepper-Glazed Goat Cheese Spread will be served with pita chips and baguette slices.

The South Side Double Steakburger will contain one-third pound of meat, while the Tuna, Chicken and Egg Salad Trio comes as a deli style plate.

After the "Walking Taco," the second best name for a new food item goes to the "Rip and Dip," a four-cheese garlic bread with a marinara dipping sauce.

The final new item listed is an Eleven City Diner Bloody Mary, tabbed not only as a "local favorite", but also as a "signature drink."

A thorough check of the press release does not reveal a location to purchase antacids, Pepto Bismol or any other digestive aids.