The start of something?

CHICAGO -- Before the 2013 season started Monday, second-year manager Robin Ventura said the Chicago White Sox had only one goal.

“I want to get to the playoffs,” he said.

Sounds simple enough. Anything else after you make it? Opening Day is for dreamers and all.

“I'd figure that out when we get there,” Ventura said. “But that's the first thing that needs to happen.”

So, no, the Sox weren’t happy to win 85 games and give Detroit a good scare last season. And no, they’re not completely satisfied with being an “under-the-radar” team this year.

“There’s a little chip,” Ventura said. “You take that hit and then it becomes personal. It’s good for me that it happens to these guys because it’s easy to rally them together and have the motivation come after that. But I think the initial hit to it is it becomes personal.”

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