Flowers-Dunn power battle taking shape

Tyler Flowers has two home runs in two games this season. Brian Kersey/Getty Images

CHICAGO -- The sideshow currently developing for the upcoming Chicago White Sox season could be a power challenge between Tyler Flowers and Adam Dunn.

Flowers hit his second home run in two games Wednesday in a 5-2 victory over the Royals, while Dunn crushed his first of the year, blistering a line drive 431 feet into the seats in right-center field.

The concern with two similar hitters in the same lineup was the possibility they could stall rallies with high strikeout totals. That worry could still show itself, but for now, the duo has combined for three home runs and four strikeouts in two games.

Dunn was asked if Flowers might end up with more home runs than him.

With wide eyes, Dunn turned his head before saying that Flowers has the best of him, "for now."

It was all in good fun for Dunn. He knows that the least amount of pressure Flowers puts on himself, the better off the lineup will be because of it.

"It's great because I know how much pressure that he's probably been putting on himself following a guy like A.J. (Pierzynski) who obviously did a lot of great things here," Dunn said. "But any time you come in and take over for a guy, you want to go out and just jump out to a great start.

"A lot of times you put too much pressure on yourself. He hasn't done that so far, obviously, and he's done everything. He called two great games and also won us a couple."

Flowers has made it a point to avoid the Pierzynski comparisons. The reality is that they are completely different players and so far Flowers has been able to show exactly what he's all about.

Asked if he is setting the bar a little high for himself, Flowers knows there will be good days and bad days and he won't get too emotional over either.

"It's just two games," Flowers said.