Konerko not surprised by Quentin

The history between Carlos Quentin and Zack Greinke boiled over, and Paul Konerko wasn't surprised. AP Photo/Lenny Ignelzi

CLEVELAND -- Chicago White Sox first baseman Paul Konerko said Friday that it shouldn't have been a huge surprise to see his former teammate, Carlos Quentin, charge Zack Greinke on Thursday night, given the history between the two.

"It makes sense," Konerko said prior to Chicago's Friday night's game against the Cleveland Indians. "Given the history between the two players -- you can look it up, you can watch the videos -- it's not surprising at all that Carlos would react the way he did. It just makes sense."

Greinke, who signed a $147 million contract before the season with the Los Angeles Dodgers, has plunked Quentin three times. It's the most he's hit any player. After being hit Thursday, Quentin -- now with the San Diego Padres -- charged the mound and the two players collided. Greinke suffered a broken collarbone and is expected to miss about two months.

Prior to Thursday night, Konerko witnessed two separate occasions where a Greinke pitch hit Quentin, once in July of 2008 and again in April of 2009. The White Sox have had relative success against Greinke, with a record of 7-10 and an ERA of 4.14. In 156 innings against the White Sox, Greinke has walked just 29 batters -- he has, however, hit nine of them.

Quentin, meawhile, has been hit 115 times.

"Myself and Greinke have a history," Quentin said following the game. "It is documented, I've been hit many times in my career and I've never responded in that fashion."

Quentin, a 240-pound former football player, lowered his shoulder into the 195-pound Greinke as the two players collided between the mound and home plate.

"All it takes is one pitch up and in," Konerko said. "Sure, Carlos has been hit three times, but there were at least five other pitches that would have hit another batter had they been standing any closer to the plate."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.