Danks, Beckham plot their returns

CHICAGO -- While John Danks' return remains in question, Gordon Beckham said Monday that he at least has a personal timetable for getting back to the Chicago White Sox.

"If I'm not playing in the big leagues in six weeks, I'm going to be very upset, let's put it that way," said Beckham, who broke the hamate bone in his left hand April 9 and had surgery last Tuesday. "I've kind of made a mental goal that I want to be back in four.

"There are people who have done that. But I would like to be playing in four weeks and be back way before the six-week mark. But I don't know. That's just Dr. Gordon talking. He doesn't know anything what he's talking about."

Danks, meanwhile, has long ago stopped trying to come up with his own personal timetable. He wanted to be back by the start of the season, after undergoing shoulder surgery last summer, but the White Sox played it safe with his rehab this spring.

After spending the past three weeks at extended spring training in Arizona, Danks found out Monday he will have at least one more outing in the Phoenix area. That outing will take place Friday.

"I'm hoping everything goes well and we'll go from there," Danks said. "But I won't know anything until that game Friday and we'll make a decision then."

Danks was hoping that a Double-A or Triple-A rehab assignment would be forthcoming, but that won't happen until next week at the earliest. From there he could make two or three outings in minor-league games before he returns.

The decision for another outing in Arizona was made in a meeting with manager Robin Ventura, pitching coach Don Cooper, general manager Rick Hahn and trainer Herm Schneider.

"I didn't get shot down, I've just got to go out there and throw well again," Danks said. "It's good. It will put a little extra on me to get back. Hopefully it goes well."