Both managers thinking of Oklahoma

CHICAGO -- Before the Chicago White Sox faced the Boston Red Sox on Monday night, thoughts from both clubhouses were on tornado victims in Oklahoma.

The managers of both teams are Oklahoma State alums and both and had been keeping an eye on the situation.

“We had a couple of (tornadoes) when I was at school; it's scary,” White Sox manager Robin Ventura said. “I was from California, so I didn't know anything about it. It's some scary stuff. I think 1999 was the last one and it hit the same area. It's scary and there's nothing you can do about it.”

Early reports out of Oklahoma on Monday evening said that at least 50 people had died during Monday’s storms, many of them children.

“It’s a tragedy when you see a natural disaster like that take place, so many innocent people that are certainly affected, if not directly by injury or possibly loss of life,” Red Sox manager John Farrell said. “Having been though something similar back in (1999) that had probably very similar damage, it’s a scary situation. Our thoughts are with all the people affected.”

Oklahoma State is located in Stillwater, about 73 miles from Moore, which took the brunt of Monday’s storms.