Red Sox's Dempster returns to Chicago

CHICAGO -- Boston Red Sox starter Ryan Dempster returned Monday to the city he loved playing in for over eight seasons. It’s his first trip to Chicago since he was traded by the Chicago Cubs to the Texas Rangers at the very last moments before last season’s July 31 trade deadline.

“It has been a fun journey,” Dempster said before the Red Sox’s game against the Chicago White Sox. “Texas was a really good place to go and I was really lucky. It has been awesome being over here. It has been a blast and we have gotten off to a really good start.”

Dempster told reporters Monday that for a short period of time he thought about returning to the Cubs as a free agent last offseason. Agent Craig Landis had a few conversations with the Cubs’ top baseball people.

“Yeah, there was some discussion, but there were other plans and it didn’t work out,” said Dempster. “But you never know for the future.”

Dempster, for now, is thrilled to be able to call the oldest ballpark in baseball home, after playing almost nine seasons at the second oldest park.

“I mean, how lucky am I to have both of those places as my home ballpark and my office that I go to work to every day.” he said. “They are both unique and special in their own for right for sure. I love playing at Wrigley Field and going there every day. Now I get to go to Fenway and same thing. I walk to the park and see all the action beforehand and afterwards. They have a lot similar feels to them, that old tradition, it is a lot of fun.”

Dempster has been following the Cubs from afar and has kept up with some of the renovation news.

“It was tough (to leave). You play somewhere a long time and you have visions of playing there the rest of your career,” Dempster said. “At the same time you know this is a business. I did not want to go anywhere else. I really, really enjoyed and felt honored to wear a Cub uniform and play for the Chicago Cubs. The way I was treated by the ownership, front office, the coaching staff was first class and I am so grateful and thankful for that opportunity to go out there and wear the uniform for that long and I loved it.”