Reed getting job done in closer's role

CHICAGO -- The Chicago White Sox have had numerous great closers in their proud history and Addison Reed is doing his best to make his mark on the position.

Reed has saved 15 of 16 opportunities in 2013 and has come through on 90 percent of his career save chances. The 24-year-old has had the good fortune of having some of the best pitching instructors in the game as a support system the last couple of seasons.

“They all have been awesome and different in their own way,” Reed said Tuesday. “Last year getting to work with (bullpen coach) Juan (Nieves) was awesome. He gave me tons of great info and working with (Bobby Thigpen) and (Don Cooper) has been just as important to me improving. I am grateful to have worked with these great baseball guys who all have imparted different things for me.”

Reed admits a failure of gigantic proportions was the best thing that ever happened to him last season.

“It was in an outing in Kansas City last year that I learned some great lessons,” he said. “It was a non-save situation and I ended up giving back six runs. It (stunk) that it happened but looking back on it brought me to a level ground and made me take a hard look at myself. I had to see how I would come back from something that humbling. Ever since that day, whether I gave up one run or six or none, I just forget about it.”

The White Sox closer is right about having a short memory. All the great closers eventually developed an outer shell that didn’t allow emotion to enter the equation of getting the job done.

“You learn to leave it behind you,” he said. “At a certain point you realize no matter how well you pitch or how lucky you get, there is zero you can do about the results. You try to leave it good or bad right there the field and get ready for the next one.”