Danks boys happy paying the price

CHICAGO -- If this is the price to pay for being brothers in the same clubhouse, the Danks boys are more than willing to pay it.

The teasing is coming toward Jordan and John Danks from all angles, which is essentially a compliment in the alpha male world of a major league clubhouse. Not everybody is able to put a hand on your shoulder and acknowledge a beautiful thing when they see it. They acknowledge it, though, in their own way.

"It's funny, when we're not next to each other everybody's like, 'How come y'all don't ever talk?'" Jordan Danks said. "But then when we're sitting together they'll say, ‘Ah, that's cute. Did you guys come to the field together today?' I don't know. We just can't please anybody. But it's been a lot of fun."

As if on cue, on the other side of the locker room, pitcher Chris Sale was teasing John Danks.

"You guys are playing together? That's cute. Can we get a picture?" Sale said, his voice high pitched to accent the mocking.

"Bring it on," the Danks brothers seem to be saying, because as long as they are getting teased in means they are still playing together.

"I don't mind that so much," John Danks said. "This is fun. Hopefully this is where we stay together for a long time. I don't doubt he will have a long career himself."

The latest achievement on the Danks brothers' wish list came Saturday. They both appeared in the same major league box score when John Danks pitched eight solid innings in a victory and Jordan Danks came on as a pinch runner and defensive replacement in the eighth inning.

Their next goal could come as soon as Saturday. The culmination of their road from professional baseball players to teammates would be when they appear in the same starting lineup.

John Danks is the probable pitcher for Saturday, and with the Astros expected to start right-hander Lucas Harrell, White Sox manager Robin Ventura might be inclined to go with the left-handed hitting Jordan Danks in the same lineup.

What would make the moment most ideal is that much of the Danks family, which hails from Austin, Texas, is expected to be on hand for the series in Houston.

"We've been waiting for it for a while," said Jordan Danks, who made his major league debut last year when John Danks was on the disabled list. "We finally got in the same box score the other day because we're finally on the active roster. We're still waiting for that day where we're both in there on the same day and you see two Danks in the lineup."

If the dose of double Danks doesn't come by this weekend, it might have to be on hold for a while. With Dewayne Wise expected to come off the disabled list soon, Jordan Danks might be on his way back to Triple-A Charlotte at some point next week.

It was at Charlotte last month when Jordan Danks showed what he is capable of doing in a lineup with his brother. During John Danks' solid rehab start May 12, Jordan Danks had two hits and three RBIs. It seemed only fitting that the game came on Mother's Day.

Jordan Danks had an extra bit of energy about him that day.

"I seem to hit a little better when he's in the lineup so yeah, I'm excited to play with him," Jordan Danks said. "I'm not going to question my effort when I'm out there with somebody else (pitching), but when he's out there, in the back of my mind, I really don't want to screw up. I don't want him to be mad at me."

After what he saw in Charlotte, John Danks is only more anxious to get his brother in the lineup with him.

"He should start every game I pitch," John Danks said. "He had some big games when I was down there. It was fun."