Jesse Crain's shoulder starting to improve

CHICAGO -- Chicago White Sox reliever Jesse Crain should know by Tuesday if he is on schedule with his recovery from the right shoulder strain that landed him on the disabled list last week.

Crain dealt with a similar issue both last season and in 2009 and said that at some point inside of the first week he went on the disabled list he was able to start throwing lightly and work his way through the injury.

“Thursday, Friday and Saturday, it was a little sore,” said Crain, who went on the DL Wednesday. “It ached a little bit and hopefully that was the process of healing. The last day or two it has felt real good. I don’t have that pain in there anymore. I’m ready for that next step and start strengthening it and throwing again.”

Crain was expected to draw plenty of interest on the trade market before his injury. He was selected to represent the American League in the All-Star Game, but will miss it due to the injury. His value is uncertain now because of the injury and there is no guarantee he will be back pitching again by the July 31 non-waiver trade deadline.

In 2009, he missed 16 days with the injury. Last season he was on the shelf for 27 days. If he is out for 27 days again this year, he won’t be back until a day before the trade deadline.

A history of shoulder strains could also affect his trade value. Crain said he is still working on a program to prevent the reoccurring issue.

“You know, every year I try to make some kind of tweaks to see if I can figure out what it is,” Crain said. “Maybe I can cut down on throwing before games. I like to get out there and stretch out. Maybe that’s something I should cut back on. It’s hard to judge it because every single year you have more workload, less workload. You just take it year by year. Hopefully it’s something I can control from here on out.”