Alexei Ramirez ready to go again

PHILADELPHIA -- It looks like Alexei Ramirez is just fine, after leaving in the sixth inning of the Chicago White Sox's 6-3 victory on Thursday over Detroit with a cramp in his right foot.

“Apparently he has had enough fluids, Herm (Schneider, the White Sox head trainer) had him on a nice fluid diet yesterday, so he’s good to go,” assured White Sox manager Robin Ventura before Friday’s White Sox-Phillies game was postponed. “It is weird when you see him with something like this happens, because for two years, unless he gets hit by a pitch, you don’t see that kind of stuff.

“He wants to play every day. He comes ready to play every day. It’s one of those things -- you kind of leave it in his hands. If he feels he’s ready to play and he’s not going to re-injure it, he’s back in there.”

Ramirez said he felt very good, through translator and White Sox coach Lino Diaz.

“I’ve always said the day I can’t play, it’s because I really can’t play and that’s how I felt yesterday,” said Ramirez, who leads the White Sox with 100 hits in 89 games and is hitting .282. “But I’m ready and the treatment that I had with Herm yesterday helped me out a lot and I feel good today. Initially when it happened, the first time, it was a light kind of pull, a pulled cramp kind of deal and I didn’t think anything of it. But when I hit that ball to right field (for a two-out single in the sixth), it really tightened on me and I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t run.”

Ramirez hasn’t missed a game this season and was walking fine through the White Sox clubhouse on Friday. Ramirez vowed when he wakes up every day that it's a priority he plays, stressing he’d like to play as many games as he can this season.

“I want to play every day and that’s what I’m here for,” Ramirez said.