Dunn's acting debut has release date

CHICAGO -- Adam Dunn's side job as an actor will soon be witnessed by all as the film "Dallas Buyers Club" is scheduled to hit movie screens in December.

The film stars Matthew McConaughey, who seeks an alternative to the medical system in order to extend his life. Dunn, the Chicago White Sox's first baseman/designated hitter, has a small role in the movie as a bartender named Neddie Jay.

"Dallas Buyers Club" was filmed in the New Orleans area last winter and was produced by Truth Entertainment, which was founded in part by Joe Newcomb, a former minor league pitcher who is friends with Dunn.

According to the website imdb.com, the film will be released Dec. 6, in time to be considered for next year's Academy Awards show. McConaughey has been garnering Oscar buzz for his work.

The film also stars Jennifer Garner, Jared Leto and Steve Zahn.