Chronicling Manny's season

CHICAGO -- Manny Ramirez has had one of the more interesting seasons of his career, and in his zany world, that is saying something.

From an early arrival in spring training to three disabled list trips, it’s been anything but a normal ride during what Ramirez called his final year in Los Angeles with the Dodgers.

A timetable of events:

  • Offseason: Ramirez admits to working on his hitting over the winter saying, “My whole career I never hit [during the winter], but after [2009] I needed to figure out some stuff so that’s what I did.”

  • Feb. 20: A day before pitchers and catchers are expected to arrive in camp, Ramirez is already in Arizona and ready to start spring training.

  • Feb. 22: Ramirez declares it his final season in Los Angeles and suggests he could retire after the end of the year. “I know I’m not going to be here next year so I’m enjoying myself. That’s what I plan to do.” On retirement: “I think I have to wait until the season ends and see where my family’s at and make a choice.”

  • Feb. 23: Amused at all the waves made by his comments that it was his final year with the Dodgers and he could retire, Manny starts being Manny. “After I practiced I feel like I can play five more years," he said. "I’ll play three more for this team and two more in Japan. Put that in there. I want to see myself on ESPN again.”

  • Feb. 24: Ramirez casually declines an interview request. He makes no grand statement, but in ends up being the start of a season-long interview blackout that has lasted to this day. When asked to speak, Ramirez generally replies with a low key, “No thank you.”

  • March 18: Ramirez hits his first home run of the spring, against the Cubs.

  • April 5: Ramirez has a double and two RBIs on Opening Day at Pitsburgh while batting out of the cleanup spot.

  • April 13: Ramirez hits his first home run of the season in a game against the Diamondbacks. It is one of just eight he has hit this season.

  • April 16: Ramirez limps off the field in a game against the Giants with a calf injury. It will end up sending him to the DL for the first time. He is batting .355 with eight RBIs in nine games at the time the injury first surfaces.

  • April 18: Ramirez limps back on the field and hits a two-run homer in a 2-1 victory over the Giants. The Dodgers had been shut out for 17 consecutive innings at the time, all with Ramirez resting his calf.

  • April 23: Ramirez goes on the DL with a calf injury.

  • May 8: Ramirez returns from the DL.

  • June 1: Ramirez hits the 550th home run of his career, just his second home run since April 15.

  • June 19: Back at Boston amid cheers and boos for an interleague series, Ramirez hits a home run ove the Green Monster.

  • July 3: Ramirez goes on the DL (retroactive to June 29) for a second time, this time for a hamstring injury.

  • July 15: Ramirez returns from the DL.

  • July 16: One day after returning, Ramirez begins having calf issues again.

  • July 20: Ramirez lands on the DL for the third time, with an MRI revealing a significant calf strain.

  • July 31: White Sox general manager Ken Williams reportedly calls Dodgers GM Ned Colletti to ask if Ramirez is available in a trade. Williams reportedly offers no players in return and is only willing to pay around $1 million of the $7 million Ramirez still had remaining on his contract.

  • Aug. 21: Ramirez finally comes off the DL.

  • Aug. 23: It is reported that the Dodgers put Ramirez on waivers.

  • Aug. 25: Conflicting reports surface about the White Sox and Dodgers working on a deal for Ramirez. Some reports say a deal is near while others state that the teams haven’t talked trade since July 31.

  • Aug. 27: MLB to determine who, if anybody, has made a waiver claim on Ramirez.