Ventura, Danks embarrassed by loss

CHICAGO -- After a humiliating 14-3 loss to the Cleveland Indians, an embarrassed Robin Ventura could manage only a brief statement in his postgame news conference before walking out on reporters: "All the way around, it wasn’t good," he said. "It was not a good game to sit through, watch, anything." In 9.8 seconds, Ventura had wrapped up a brutal game that took 3 hours and 33 minutes to play before one of the smallest crowds (14,375) of the season.

The loss seemed to have all the elements of a lost, forgettable season. Chicago White Sox starter John Danks surrendered seven runs in four agonizing innings of work. The Sox veteran left-hander had command issues from the beginning of the game. Danks gave up two home runs in the first inning. The big blow was Ryan Raburn’s three-run homer.

"Nothing worked for me," Danks said. "I threw the ball where I wasn’t supposed to throw it and got my [rear end] kicked."

Danks, coming back from shoulder surgery that ended his 2012 season in June of that year, was mortified by his performance.

"It was embarrassing; this is supposed to be the major leagues, and I went out and pitched like a guy that did not belong tonight," he said. "I need to get it turned around and make the most out of my last few starts."

The White Sox pitchers threw a combined 217 pitches. Rookie Charlie Leesman faced seven hitters without registering an out in relief of Danks. All seven hitters scored. Danks, who started the season rehabbing in the minor leagues, might have hit the proverbial wall with 16 games left in the 2013 season.

"I don’t think so," the Sox starter said. "I think the best thing for me and hopefully the team is for me to go out there, make every start and throw as many innings as I can."

Danks, who signed a 5-year, $65 million contract before the 2012 season, is 4-13 with a 4.73 ERA in 22 starts this season.

"There is still a heck of a lot of work to be done, and I hope it gets a whole [heck] of a lot better than it was tonight," he said.