Whose number will be retired next?

CHICAGO -- Now that Frank Thomas’ number is retired and up on the left-field wall, Paul Konerko and Mark Buehrle seem the most likely from this group of White Sox players to one day have a number retirement ceremony of their own.

Ozzie Guillen also figures to have his day in the sun, but he hopes it isn’t any time soon. Guillen said that if his ceremony happens in the next few years, it would probably mean he lost his job as the team’s manager.

With all the talk this past week that Guillen might have finally grown tired of managing the White Sox amidst all the drama surrounding his relationship with general manager Ken Williams, he seems to be sending mixed signals about really leaving.

Guillen said if he earns a number retirement ceremony he'd like it to be for his accomplishments as a manager, not as a player. Another World Series title while wearing that No. 13 might do the trick.