Logo decision an easy one for Thomas

CHICAGO -- While two members of this year’s Hall of Fame class will be inducted without a team logo on their cap, Frank Thomas had no such issue.

Thomas’ Hall plaque will have a Chicago White Sox logo on the cap, of course, unlike pitcher Greg Maddux and manager Tony La Russa, who will be inducted without any logo.

Thomas did play for three teams in his career -- the White Sox, Oakland Athletics (twice) and Toronto Blue Jays -- but the logo decision was fairly obvious.

“I was drafted by Chicago in the first round and for 16 of my 19 seasons, I was fortunate to play there,” Thomas was quoted as saying Thursday in a Hall of Fame press release. “I had wonderful seasons in Oakland and Toronto as part of my career, but my Hall of Fame election is celebrated most by the fans of Chicago and the priceless memories I will always treasure on the South Side, which is why my plaque will feature a Sox logo.”

La Russa, who managed the White Sox for eight seasons, acknowledged the South Side team in explaining his desire to be inducted with no logo on his plaque.

“The Chicago White Sox gave me my start in the game as a big league manager for my first eight seasons in my 33-year managerial career,” La Russa said in a statement. “In Oakland, we recorded four first-place finishes in 10 years, winning three pennants and a World Series. And in St. Louis, our clubs won three pennants and two titles in 16 years.

“It's the totality of the success of each of those three teams that led me to Cooperstown, so I am choosing to not feature a logo so that fans of all clubs can celebrate this honor with me.”

Thomas’ election to the Hall of Fame was made official on Jan. 8. He was a first-ballot inductee by members of the Baseball Writers Association of America, along with Maddux and Tom Glavine. The Expansion Era Committee elected La Russa, as well as fellow managers Bobby Cox and Joe Torre, in December. Glavine’s plaque will have an Atlanta Braves logo, as will Cox’s. Torre will enter with a New York Yankees logo.

The Hall of Fame induction ceremony will take place July 27 in Cooperstown, N.Y.