Davidson is 'hair' apparent at third

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- When the day’s work is done and new Chicago White Sox third base hopeful Matt Davidson removes his batting helmet, the fun usually begins.

The Southern California native's fluff of thick blond locks, practically gold in color, makes him a sight that’s hard not to notice.

Growing up at the base of the San Bernardino Mountains, where snowboarding is king, nobody looked twice at his bright mane. In a major league clubhouse, however, there isn’t too much personality a player is actually allowed to get away with without being called on it.

“Growing up in high school I never heard about hair because everybody has hair like that,” Davidson said. “I’m here and all of a sudden I hear, “Show Hair” and all of that. When I got called up to the Diamondbacks that’s all everybody was talking about, the announcers and everything.”

That golden hair helmet on the top of his head isn’t helped by the hair over his ears that seems to be darker in color. Davidson, who will turn 23 five days before Opening Day, is often teased that he bleaches the mop top. He insists he doesn’t.

The fun stuff is merely a short respite from the work at hand. Davidson continues to work each day with hitting coach Todd Steverson, where the lessons are heavy in the art of taking the ball to the opposite field.

The White Sox feel that if they can get Davidson comfortable with hitting the other way, he will be able to cover more of the strike zone and in turn reduce his strikeout rate.

Applying what he has learned is now the key. Assisting him along the way, first in the Arizona Diamondbacks organization and now in the White Sox organization, has been a who’s-who of third basemen.

“I’ve been joking around with everybody that I’d better be good because I’ve had [instruction from] Matt Williams, Eric Chavez, Martin Prado and now Robin Ventura,” Davidson said. “I guess it’s on me if I’m not good.”

Sounds like the kid has a good head on his shoulders, and it has nothing to do with the hair.