White Sox fan Obama: Have to like Red Sox

CHICAGO -- It could be a rough rebuilding season ahead for the Chicago White Sox, but President Barack Obama never fails to recognize his favorite baseball team.

While celebrating the Boston Red Sox's 2013 championship at the White House on Tuesday, Obama waited a mere five minutes into a 10-minute program to get the White Sox into the mix.

After introducing David Ortiz, Obama remarked, "Big Papi. That's what I'm talking about. I love this guy. Even a White Sox fan can appreciate these guys."

Obama continually complimented the Red Sox for being a driving force in Boston's physical and emotional recovery from the Boston Marathon bombings in April.

The Red Sox actually went from last place in 2012 to the World Series a year later. Perhaps Obama thinks the White Sox could make the same kind of leap this year.

"Congratulations to the Boston Red Sox and Red Sox Nation," Obama said at the program's conclusion, just before taking a selfie with Ortiz. "Good luck this season and may the best Sox win."