Beckham takes over No. 2 spot from Semien

CHICAGO -- Marcus Semien was removed from the No. 2 spot in the lineup Monday as Gordon Beckham took over the vacated hole in the Chicago White Sox batting order.

Sox manager Robin Ventura was brief on the subject when asked about it Monday before the series finale against the Tampa Bay Rays.

"As far as handling the bat and things like that, it was probably where [Beckham] was going to be anyway when he first started, so it’s a good spot for him," Ventura said.

Beckham started the season on the disabled list with an oblique injury, but he returned Thursday. He had two starts in the 8-hole and two as the ninth hitter.

There was probably a lot more to the move, though. Semien has shown he can handle the bat with three home runs and 14 RBIs, but his batting average (.227) and on-base percentage (.286) are a little lower than the White Sox would prefer that high in the order.

An even bigger indicator of why Ventura made the move could be found in Semien’s team-leading 35 strikeouts, eight more than Tyler Flowers and 10 more than Adam Dunn.