Ventura will address Jose Abreu errors

CHICAGO -- Chicago White Sox manager Robin Ventura said Tuesday night two baserunning incidents in recent days by Jose Abreu will be addressed.

The White Sox’s rookie sensation failed to run to first base Tuesday when he struck out and the pitch rolled to the backstop. On Sunday, he didn’t appear to run out a popup along the first-base line.

His strikeout Tuesday came in the seventh inning. When he got back to the dugout he was approached by bench coach Mark Parent, who also called for interpreter Lino Diaz.

“I don’t think he saw [the ball getting away] at first, so he’ll be running,” Ventura said.

In saying that “he’ll be running,” Ventura seemed to be saying that Abreu won’t be making the same mistake in the future.

The manager was then asked about Sunday’s failure to run.

“Yeah, he’ll be running,” Ventura said. “You talk to him. He’ll run.”