Ventura fine with Guillen comment

CHICAGO – Ozzie Guillen would love to have his old job back one day.

Guillen doesn’t want to be disrespectful to Robin Ventura, who currently has the Chicago White Sox manager's job.

If that sounds a little contradictory, Ventura understood it just fine.

Guillen’s feelings about his old job were made known in an interview with the Chicago Sun-Times during All-Star Game festivities earlier this week.

“I wish,” Guillen, currently an analyst for ESPN, said about returning to the South Side -- where he guided the White Sox to a World Series title in 2005 -- if the spot were available. “But if I say yes, then I don’t respect Robin Ventura. But that’s not where I’m coming from. When Robin gets tired of managing or he’s had enough, I would like to be back. But it’s up to them. If I wear a uniform and it’s the White Sox, that will be special.”

Ventura and Guillen are former teammates and friends and exchanged hellos when Guillen came to a mid-June home game against the San Francisco Giants. It was Guillen’s first time in the ballpark since he was let out of his White Sox contract late in the 2011 season to pursue the Marlins’ managerial job.

“Somebody just told me about [Guillen’s comments]; that’s him,” said Ventura, who spent time at his California lake house during the All-Star break. “I think everybody knew that his feelings would be like that before, so it’s not surprising.”

Does it bother Ventura that Guillen might be eyeing his chair even before he departs it?

“If I’m not doing it anymore, I don’t care who’s doing it, so it would be fine if it was him,” Ventura said.

White Sox chairman Jerry Reinsdorf recently attended the wedding of Guillen’s oldest son, Ozzie Jr., so there don't seem to be any hard feelings on that end.

“Eventually that stuff all heals and you will get back to seeing him around,” Ventura said. “Eventually that always happens.”

General manager Rick Hahn had no intention of touching the subject.

“I was actually out of town with my family for the All-Star Game so I didn't see the comments specifically,” Hahn said. “So I'm not really concerned about what maybe happens after that. I will say my focus is on winning multiple championships with Robin Ventura.”