White Sox miss when it comes to revenge

DETROIT – Revenge apparently isn’t the White Sox’s strong suit either.

A day after Manny Ramirez was hit by pitches twice, Andruw Jones looked at a fifth-inning pitch from Jeremy Bonderman up near his head. An irate manager Ozzie Guillen was caught on camera raising his hands in anger/frustration and then checking the lineup on the dugout wall.

Pretty safe to assume Guillen was checking who the Tigers had coming to the plate in the next half inning.

The Tigers’ Ryan Raburn led off the bottom of the fifth, and against White Sox starter John Danks he watched a pitch buzz past his left shoulder. By not hitting Raburn, Danks failed to send the full message that White Sox pitchers are willing to protect their own hitters.

Home-plate umpire Brian Gorman then warned both benches anyway, a move that did not draw objection from either bench.

Raburn then stepped back into the batter’s box and doubled to left field.