Guillen gets a Twitter account

Mike And Mike: Ozzie Being Ozzie (3:05)

Greeny, Golic talk about Ozzie Guillen joining Twitter (3:05)

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- It’s certainly not October, but Wednesday seemed like it was trick or tweet at the Chicago White Sox spring training complex.

The uproar was much ado about nothing as manager Ozzie Guillen’s sons set up a Twitter account for the always-into-everything Sox manager.

According to Guillen, after 12 tweets, the South Side skipper had amassed 7,000 followers. Before the media met with Guillen, he had a meeting with general manager Kenny Williams and Guillen made it clear that anything he says will not be about White Sox business or White Sox players.

“I wanted to do something off the field to have fun,” he said. “All of a sudden, people are making a big deal about this thing. It’s about Ozzie Guillen. It’s not about MLB or the White Sox organization. It has nothing to do with the organization, nothing to do with baseball.”

Tampa’s Joe Maddon is one MLB manager who also had a twitter account.

Guillen spent his entire post-workout media session talking about Twitter. This was certainly one of the most bizarre post-anything sessions I’ve witnessed in 30 years on the beat.

It’s unknown if Kenny Williams will take this any further.