Hahn burned before deadline -- literally

CHICAGO -- Before discussing his team’s lack of movement ahead of Thursday's trade deadline, Chicago White Sox general manager Rick Hahn had to first explain burn marks on his face and his singed eyebrows.

“A fire-pit accident at my house on Monday night,” Hahn said Friday. “Today's actually the worst-looking day since it happened. We had neighbors coming over, we got a new fire pit and my wife tells me to fire it up. So, I turn on the gas, stick the little lighter in and it goes up in a cloud and gets my whole side of my face.”

Despite thinking he’d done serious damage, Hahn said his wife didn’t initially notice anything wrong.

“Anyway, so, fire safety's important, people. This is your lesson today from Smokey the GM. I was trying to do a deal, but I got disconnected due to the flames. Dedication,” Hahn joked.

And what exactly was for dinner?

"We were making s'mores, so it was the kids' fault,” Hahn said with a smile.