Ventura fined for dirt-kicking incident

CHICAGO -- Chicago White Sox manager Robin Ventura was fined an undisclosed amount for his on-field tirade Wednesday at San Francisco when he argued with crew chief Fieldin Culbreth and kicked dirt on home plate.

Ventura was upset that a call was overturned, allowing Gregor Blanco to score a run for the Giants. Catcher Tyler Flowers tagged out Blanco, but the umpires used replay to determine that Flowers blocked the path to the plate. A day earlier, umpires reviewed a similar call with the Giants on defense, but allowed the out to stand.

Asked if he was fined before Sunday’s game, Ventura answered with a simple, “yes,” but gave no other details. Asked if the fine could have paid for a lavish party, Ventura said “yes” again before walking away.

Ventura did not specify if he was fined over and above the regular amount given to players, managers and coaches when they are ejected.

MLB rules prohibit managers from arguing with umpires after a replay decision has been made.