Guillen's mind-numbing decision awaits

CHICAGO -- Lucas Harrell or Carlos Torres?

It’s enough to make manager Ozzie Guillen hit the bottle.

Guillen will need to decide on one of his two rookie pitchers to pick up a start Saturday for the injured Freddy Garcia. And how will he make such a decision?

“Let me talk to my vodka,” Guillen said.

As for Garcia, who has been out for over a week with lower back pain, he still is feeling some discomfort and there is a good chance he won’t pitch again this season. Guillen would hate to see the free agent not get another turn on the mound before the season ends.

“I think Freddy should go out there and at least give it a shot for one or two outings because a lot of people out there they don't know what happened,” Guillen said. “I think it will show people that nothing bad happened.”