Extension might satisfy Guillen

OAKLAND, Calif. – So it seems it will come to this regarding Ozzie Guillen’s future with the White Sox:

Show me some love or let me walk.

The contentious relationship between Guillen and general manager Ken Williams has been well documented. Williams just seems better at hiding the animosity from public view than Guillen does. Make no mistake, though, the tension is there and it is real on both sides.

In a Chicago Sun-Times report, though, perhaps the outline for the offseason has been revealed.

Guillen has one year remaining on his contract plus an option year for 2012. If he can’t get a contract extension, it sounds as if he would prefer to leave.

“… I want to know where I stand in this organization,” Guillen told the Sun-Times. “I don't want to come here and work day-by-day. I'm better than that. I give this organization more than that. I deserve – I'm not going to say respect – but [I deserve] more consideration about yes or no.”

The Florida Marlins, who fired Fredi Gonzalez in June, would like to put a well known manager in place next season to have their team off and running when they move to a new stadium in 2012. Guillen lives in South Florida, has coached for the Marlins and would no doubt love to manage in the area where he lives during much of the offseason.

So this talk about Guillen departing isn’t just a product of his poor relationship with his GM. It seems to be a timing issue as well.

Is there a way Guillen returns without getting his extension? Sure there is, but this is going to take a long sit down between Guillen and Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf to resolve.

And ultimately, it’s going to take some resolution between Guillen and Williams if their business relationship is going to continue.

Or maybe it’s not Guillen that leaves at all. Maybe Williams ends up deciding that he can’t take it anymore.