Would Buehrle skip his last start?

CHICAGO –- It wouldn’t be like Mark Buehrle to skip a chance to pitch, but he has that option this week.

Buehrle is scheduled to make his last start of the season at home Saturday against the Indians. With the White Sox out of contention, manager Ozzie Guillen will let Buehrle decide if he wants to take the mound or not that day.

“It depends on where we are and what we need,” Guillen said. “I’m all about my players. If they want to come out and perform, I’m more [than] happy to [let them do] it. It depends what they want.”

Guillen might be willing to let his players decide if they want to play, but he clearly would prefer them to take the field as scheduled. Freddy Garcia was given the option to make his last start of the season Wednesday and he emphatically embraced the opportunity.

“The only people I want to be on the field are the people who want to be on the field, not have to be on the field,” Guillen said. “I would rather have people out there to play the right way rather than just go through the motions.”