Hahn, Cora respectfully silent

The White Sox’s two main copilots both are keeping their head down, electing to fly straight rather than concern themselves with what could lie ahead.

Assistant general manager Rick Hahn and bench coach Joey Cora both have declined to talk about high-profile opportunities with other organizations, not only out of respect for those clubs, but for their current one as well.

From the outset since Hahn’s name has been linked to the vacant New York Mets GM vacancy, he has offered what amounts to a polite no-comment when it comes to the position he reportedly interviewed for two weeks ago.

Cora isn’t talking about his reported interview last week with the Milwaukee Brewers and one that is expected to be coming with the Toronto Blue Jays.

Both of them know how hard it is to quietly conduct business in this new media age where every idea, plan and step seems to be chronicled in a blog, tweet, radio update or the tried and true way of appearing in black and white in a newspaper story. Hahn knows it all too well as the right-hand man to GM Kenny Williams.

But it isn’t just the Mets, Brewers and Blue Jays these men are trying to respect. It is also the White Sox themselves, an organization that both of them have worked passionately for and have been dedicated to.

Talking about their potential opportunities, no matter how enticing they are, is akin to crafting a Facebook post about an upcoming first date with the girl you just met when you haven’t even broken up with your girlfriend yet. Nothing good could come of it.

So while huge voids could be left in the organization, and backup plans are being formulated to replace both Hahn and Cora, they are each going about their business as if they aren’t going anywhere. In Hahn’s case, he was in his office at 35th and Shields bright and early the day after being the toast of the town in New York.

Hahn might be good at talking contracts, while Cora is adept at talking strategy with manager Ozzie Guillen, but neither seems to feel comfortable talking about what might be in their immediate future.