White Sox holding pattern continues

One week to go before the winter meetings and while the White Sox certainly have a game plan for the offseason, all has been quiet.

Operating in a self-described holding pattern, general manager Kenny Williams said he is he is waiting for the market to establish itself. Call it patience or self-imposed financial restraints (or both),the White Sox are taking the conservative approach when it comes to re-signing players such as Paul Konerko, J.J. Putz and A.J. Pierzynski.

While the Tigers’ signing of Victor Martinez gives an early indication of where prices may go, more moves will need to be made around baseball before many teams, the White Sox included, know what they will be able to afford.

Enter baseball’s winter meetings. What Memorial Day means to summer, the winter meetings are to the offseason as the unofficial start to player movement and roster formation.

If there are areas where the White Sox might be proactive over the next week and a half, it might be with adding an affordable veteran piece to the bullpen or the bench. Otherwise Williams will wait for signings to happen in the coming days and on into next week before solidifying a plan to move forward.

And high free-agent prices won’t necessarily mean that the White Sox will be unable to make roster improvements. It only means that those trade plans the team has formulated and will start proposing in earnest next week during the nightly general manager gatherings will become more of a reality.

The White Sox might be restricted by their contract commitments for 2011, but they have plenty of wiggle room when it comes to being creative.