Jenks' departure all but official

All signs continue to point toward White Sox reliever Bobby Jenks being non-tendered by Thursday’s deadline.

After saying late in the season that he is “disappointed on a number of levels” with Jenks, general manager Kenny Williams apparently hasn’t been convinced otherwise since the season ended.

There remains an outside shot at trading Jenks before the deadline, but like the White Sox, no teams seem willing to pay the right-hander the potential $9 million he could earn through arbitration. Even teams that see Jenks as a good fit could retain their assets and certainly sign Jenks for less as a free agent.

John Danks and Carlos Quentin will be offered arbitration by the Thursday deadline. Reliever Tony Pena, the last of the White Sox’s arbitration-eligible players, isn’t as easy of a decision. He showed some versatility as a spot starter last season, but also struggled at times when asked to protect leads. Pena could benefit from the fact that the White Sox have a number of bullpen openings this offseason.