Will deadline day help White Sox?

Hold that thought on non-tender day going a long way to helping the White Sox fill out a roster for 2011.

Today is the day that all teams must offer a contract to their arbitration-eligible players still under club control. For the White Sox that means making a decision on Bobby Jenks, John Danks, Carlos Quentin and Tony Pena.

Jenks is expected to be non-tendered and, barring a last-minute unexpected trade, the right-hander will become a free agent. All other major-league teams are in the same situation and must decide on whether or not to offer a contract to their arbitration-eligible players or set them free.

The White Sox have been reportedly waiting for this day, when they can possibly find a bargain in a player that for whatever reason didn’t fit into his team’s plan moving forward.

Sounds like a sensible plan, except for the fact that the person most responsible for making player personnel decisions for the White Sox isn’t getting his hopes up.

“In some ways yeah, but I don’t know that I anticipate guys becoming available,” general manager Kenny Williams said in advance of Thursday’s deadline.

Call it Williams being pessimistic. Or maybe he didn’t want other teams to think he was waiting to pounce on their scraps.

The non-tender list comes out soon, and perhaps then we will be able to see if Williams can continue to hold his poker face if indeed that is what it is.