Cora: Sox should have one of best infields

On a cool afternoon in South Florida on Wednesday, the White Sox’s infield went through the paces during the annual “Camp Cora” workout program. The camp is being run under the watchful eye of bench coach Joey Cora, of course, and hitting coach Greg Walker

Video obtained from White Sox TV showed Brent Morel, Alexei Viciedo and Gordon Beckham going through some rapid-fire infield drills while Cora hit grounders. It was far from a balmy Florida afternoon as Cora wore a windbreaker and Morel and Ramirez sported long sleeves.

Cora on the workouts: “We want to get them in shape and work on backhands and some of the fundamentals of the game; work on making good throws. We’re striving to be one of the best infields in the league and we have the potential to do that.

“I’m not going to waste my time here doing nothing. They’re working hard and they will be ready. They will have a good spring training and we should be a good team.”

With snow on the ground around Beckham’s home in Georgia, getting the chance to head down to Florida worked out perfectly.

“It’s basically an ice breaker,” Beckham told White Sox TV. “It gets you back and moving around baseball wise that you haven’t been able to do. I haven’t been able to do [that]. I live in Atlanta and it’s been really cold there. You can’t get out on the field. Coming down here you can get back on the field, it’s pretty decent weather and you just get your mindset right for the season and make sure you’re getting ready.”

For Morel, the January camp is a jumpstart for what should be an important few months. He will head to spring training next month as the favorite to be the White Sox's Opening Day third baseman.

“It’s just a chance for all of us to get together in the offseason and get used to practice again and getting the feel, being around everybody,” Morel said. “ It’s been a pleasure to come down here.”