Guillen on PK, AJ, payroll, Peavy and more

As for the rest of the topics manager Ozzie Guillen touched on Thursday, other than the ones already mentioned on this site, here they are in no particular order:

  • On pushing the payroll past $120 million: “I’m very excited. I think I was surprised how aggressive the front office was. [Chairman] Jerry [Reinsdorf] gave [GM] Kenny [Williams] the go-ahead and built a good ballclub. They’re showing people, especially the fans, how much we want to win. I think I’m very pleased how Kenny went about his business, and Jerry let him do it.”

  • On whether or not the payroll puts pressure on him to win in the last year of his White Sox contract: “It’s always on me, no matter what kind of ballclub. In seven years I managed this club, I never blamed or worried about something. A lot of people ask me if I worry that I don’t win with this club, something going to happen. Well, I want to win with this club because I want to win, not because I’m going to get fired (if we don’t win).”

  • On whether or not it’s a failure if the White Sox don’t reach the postseason in 2011: “Every year when your team isn’t in the playoffs since I’ve been managing this team, it’s a failure. I never say the White Sox never give me a good team. Always, they give me a good team to compete. I got the people to put things together and have a good club. … I think this club should be there, but we got to play every day as a team and do everything as a team.”

  • On Jake Peavy being ready to start the season on time: “I know nothing at all. I talk to [pitching coach Don Cooper] and [trainer] Herm [Schneider] and they say he’s improved a lot. [If not] I got to go Plan B. I’m not going to rush Jake to be ready for Opening Day. I hope he does but we got to be careful. That’s not an injury like I broke my finger. This injury is kind of weird. We got to prepare how to get ready.”

  • On players dealing with the distractions (Ozzie vs. Kenny, Twitter) of last season: “All of this stuff happened and I can’t thank the players enough the way they handled it. I see some [jerk] writing stuff about me about players don’t want to play for me. Well here it is. We got [Paul] Konerko and A.J. [Pierzynski] back. When you got those guys can make a lot of money somewhere else, that’s an easy way for PK to say I’m leaving and not dealing with this anymore. Well, they are back with us. That shows you what kind of person and organization we have.”

  • On playing Adam Dunn at first base: “He has to play first base because PK will need some rest. Believe me, PK was [tired] late in the season. He was done. I want to make sure I take care of that. I don’t want to say twice a week, three times a week. It depends on who is pitching, lefty or righty. But he will be at first base more than people think.”

  • On the chances Dayan Viciedo plays some outfield this season: “He was an outfielder before. This kid was in right field in Cuba and he never played third base … he told me that. He told [bench coach] Joey [Cora] that last year. The only thing is that we have to bring a golf cart to get him to the outfield. I’m going to ask the commissioner, ‘Can we use a golf cart for Viciedo to go to the outfield?’ because he takes a little while to go to first base and that’s halfway there. But he played right field for the Cuban team in the past. We have to wait to see in spring training how we’re going to handle that.”

  • On where Freddy Garcia will play in 2011: “It’s surprising he doesn’t have a job yet. And the people that are going to have Freddy, please give me a phone call. Whatever manager is going to get Freddy, talk to me about Freddy Garcia because if they see Freddy Garcia pitch in spring training, he will get released. Just make sure to talk to Coop or me and make sure to know who is Freddy, what kind of pitcher he is, [to know] how he goes about his business. People don’t like the way Freddy goes about his business because they don’t know him.”