Third base battle doesn't figure to linger

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Don’t expect the White Sox’s battle at third base to last until the final day of the spring.

Manager Ozzie Guillen said he wants to decide early if Brent Morel or Mark Teahen will be his Opening Day starter.

“My wish is that we make that decision quicker and make sure those guys know where they stand and what their roles are going to be,” Guillen said. “If Morel doesn’t make the team what is he going to do? We have to make that decision quick enough to give those guys a chance to do what they are supposed to do. I have to wait until the games start to see what happens.”

Actually, the quick decision would be more for Teahen’s benefit that it would be for Morel. If Teahen isn’t the starter at third base, then he would be asked to play some first base and outfield in advance of the season.

“Put it this way, if Mark is not our everyday third baseman, I will find playing time for him because I already have Plan B,” Guillen said. “We’ll try to move people around and get him at-bats here and there. I won’t say I will guarantee that, but I will get him enough at-bats to go through the season with a lot of playing time. I have to let him know right away that’s what I want.”