Williams stands up for small markets

White Sox general manager Kenny Williams reiterates his stance that players, even Albert Pujols, should not be making $30 million a season.

"I don't accuse anyone of false editing or taking anything out of context or taking my words out of context," Williams said. "I don't backtrack anything that I said. I've seen where it was portrayed maybe as something personally against Albert which is completely false. All I'm interested in that the game ... We're just caretakers of this game, all of us, you guys, me, the players, we're caretakers of this game to the next generation. And then the next generation after that.

"When I think about where we are as an industry and I grew up in the Bay Area. The Oakland A's of the 70s, the Cincinnati Reds, the Big Red Machine, you know of the 70s as well. The late 70s, who was it? The Pittsburgh Pirates. Early '80s when Kansas City won their first championship. Kansas City. These are all what? They are all small market teams, teams that at that time had a fighting chance or greater than a fighting chance because of their expertise, because of their intellect how they put together teams. And all I'm saying is that the people, I mean these are cities and these are teams that had ... are responsible for the great popularity to a large degree that we now enjoy in the game.

"Well these people, these cities and the people in these cities, baseball fans, should not be left out in the cold. That's all I'm saying. And aside from -- and I've got to be very careful there are labor negotiations that are going on, so I'll really be careful, I've got thoughts but I'd better probably limit it to just that. I think it's important that the people and the cities that I just mentioned and many more have just as much chance to hope and dream about their team winning a World Series as anybody else. Right now that's not happening."