Sox struggling at key moments

Overlooked in the good news of Jake Peavy’s return Friday, was the fifth defeat in six spring training games for the White Sox.

The Sox left nine runner on base in the Angels’ 3-1 victory, which did not sit particularly well with manager Ozzie Guillen.

“Today, we left bases loaded twice, we have to get better at that ... a couple mistakes on the base paths,” Guillen said. “I know it’s spring training but it’s time to start thinking about baseball, thinking about what we’re going to do when the season opens. It’s still early but we have to clean things up as quick as we can.”

• Rookie Chris Sale relieved Peavy, struck out two and allowed one hit in one inning.

“My expectations for all my players, especially him, are very high,” Guillen said. “I know he’s a kid. This is the first time he ever came to camp. Lucky him he doesn’t have to go to minor-league camp. He should to see how real baseball is. But every time the kid is on the mound, we have great faith in him. He has great stuff.”

• And with his finger firmly on the pulse of current pop culture, there was this classic from Guillen on Friday.

Even with modern medicine being what it is, the Sox skipper was asked, did he ever think Peavy wouldn’t come back?

“If Peavy’s injury was a broken hand, a broken finger, torn something, [it’s one thing],” he said. “He maybe has tiger blood. And I’m not saying Tiger Woods, I’m saying real tigers.”