Ali visit is best Sox team meeting ... ever

GLENDALE, Ariz. – Perhaps Ozzie Guillen’s insistence on better play isn’t what will help the White Sox this spring.

It could end up being Tuesday’s visit from Muhammad Ali.

During the Ali visit, meant to explain the main cause of the former heavyweight champion’s charity, White Sox players were put through a drill.

Players were asked if being a major leaguer left them with an obligation to help others. Some agreed while others felt that “obligation” might be too strong of a word. All did seem to believe that helping in the community was worthwhile.

Then they were asked if being more famous would make you better at helping a charitable cause.

Even more agreed with that, but not everybody. Brent Lillibridge said that there is a danger of waiting for more name recognition before volunteering to help in the community, and if that fame never comes then an opportunity to help was lost.

Both general manager Kenny Williams and manager Ozzie Guillen were impressed with Lillibridge’s response in front of his teammates.

“I think of all the bull[expletive] meetings we have here, I think this was the best one I ever hear in 30 years in spring training,” said Guillen, who was also impressed with candid group feedback from Lastings Milledge, Stefan Gartrell, Jake Peavy Will Ohman and Paul Konerko, to name a few.