Ozzie hardly ranks on Selig's 'problems' list

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- While the White Sox were on the practice field Sunday morning in advance of their game against the Dodgers, manager Ozzie Guillen sat in a golf cart engaged in conversation with a group of reporters.

At some point the subject of commissioner Bud Selig came up and Guillen joked that his raw and sometimes brutally honest comments were Selig's biggest issue in the game.

Well then, who would just happen to show up in the press box to discuss any and all issues with reporters during Sunday's game? It was none other than Selig himself.

The timing was almost too perfect, so the question had to be asked:"Where does Ozzie Guillen rank among your problems?"

“Given the problems I have today, Ozzie's No. 794," Selig said.

What about catcher A.J. Pierzynski?

Selig said: "795."

Dodgers reporters were there too, of course, so they wanted to know where that team's ownership issue ranked.

“That's a different story," he said.