Sore tooth won't sideline John Danks

CLEVELAND -- Despite an infection in an old root canal, Chicago White Sox pitcher John Danks will make his first start of the season as scheduled Sunday.

Danks missed pregame activities on Saturday to pay a visit to a local dentist.

“We pretty much did the same thing [as the original root canal],” Danks said. “Just went in there and cleaned it up, put some medicine in there. It’s fine. I was in the chair for an hour. It’s not a big deal.”

Phil Humber, who is scheduled to fill the No. 5 spot in the rotation when it comes up April 9, was on standby in case he was needed to start Sunday.

Even before Danks had left to see the dentist, manager Ozzie Guillen was expecting that his pitcher would still want to take the mound.

“For this kid, man, this kid pitches with all kinds of stuff,” Guillen said. “He goes out there and he’s a warrior. He goes out there and fights. I don’t think that’s going to stop him. Maybe he has to take pills for the pain and maybe he pitches better, feels better.”